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Paulus & Schuler Zoom Barrel

When the conventional barrel is pulled out for assimilation of intonation the vibrations are cushioned on transfer from the mouth piece to the clarinet since the only remaining connection is the tenon cork. A cavity is formed on the inside and a gap on the outside.

As a consequence it was our aim to develop a clarinet barrel leading to new sound dimensions and at the same time eliminating the above mentioned problems.

The new development protected by trade mark rights offers an unprecedented sound brilliance. Our zoom barrel represents the perfect symbiosis of improved sound characteristics and reproducible intoning. The fact that the new z-barrel disposes of continuous boring in every position of length and additionally is not interrupted on the outside leads to an improvement which seemed to be unimaginable so far. Tuning becomes precisely adjustable and visible by an adjusting collar supplied with a scale. Rotating the adjusting collar lets the barrel expand without modifying the axial alignment.

Our clarinet barrel is produced with modern CNC turning technology and extended by the adjusting collar for assimilation of intonation without the mouth piece or the clarinet turning to each other.

The barrel was engineered for clarinetists in soloistic, symphonic and chamber musical areas as well as brass orchestras.




User Guide:

  • Place the barrel on the clarinet so that the logo is inline with the thumb hole.
  • Turn the collar clockwise until it stops.
  • For adjusting intonation, turn the collar to the left following the I, II, III, IIII scale. Each increment extends the barrel by half a millimeter.
  • A full rotation of the adjustment ring corresponds to an extension of 2mm. Two turns corresponds to 4mm.
  • NOTE: The barrel extends a maximum of two full turns (4mm). Do not turn more than this or the parts will separate!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
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