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LefreQue Sound Bridge

All models are 33mm and come with 1 – 55mm gray elastic band

The LefreQue is a sound bridge that will make all wind instruments sound better. It consists of a bridge built up by two metal elements that will repair the sound breaches that occur in different parts of a  wind instrument. You can put the LefreQue on your instrument using an especially developed elastic band. You do not need to change anything on the instrument itself.

Why a LefreQue

From a sound quality perspective, the tube of your wind instrument would ideally consist of one piece. For practical reasons however (tuning, transport, technical constraints), wind instruments – as we use them today – consist of different sections. LefreQue is a revolutionary sound bridge that acoustically connects the sections of your wind instrument, combining the benefits of both.

The result is an unequaled improvement of your sound quality: purer overtones, accurate tuning, clear response, smooth intervals, extended dynamics, surround projection.

33mm LefreQue & 55mm band will work for:

  • Flute crown to headjoint connection
  • Saxophone mouthpiece to neck connection
  • Piccolo
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet



Click here to view saxophone instructions ⋅ Click here to view flute/piccolo instructions ⋅ Click here to view trumpet instructions




Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
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