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MDRS Apprentice Kit

Introducing the Magnetic Dent Removal System Apprentice Kit for the removal and/or improvement of dents from large bore brass instruments (tubas, sousaphones, baritones, euphoniums) and saxophones.

The Apprentice Kit is now available to those who are not otherwise professionally involved in the repair of band instruments. It is particularly useful to low brass players, collectors, university low brass studios, secondary school band programs, marching bands, drum corps, etc. Click here to view the full description on our MDRS website.


  • Tool box
  • Apprentice Tool with Armor Plate facing
  • Mylar finish protecting disc
  • Spray wax
  • Chrome steel soild dent balls with diameters of 2.250″, 2″, 1.750″, and 1.5″
  • 1/8″ x 1/8″ “Mini-Me” ball locating magnet
  • Material safety data sheet

**By purchasing this kit, you confirm that you have completely read and understand all the safety data materials contained on the MDRS website and agree to hold harmless the manufacturers and distributors of the MDRS as well as any and all of its agents from any and all personal injury and/or damage related claims which may result if you should fail to adequately follow all of the safety precautions in their entirety.**


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Weight 7 lbs
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