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Center Brace Resonance Weights

Meridian Winds Center Brace Resonance Weights add weight and mass to the crucial center brace connection between the body and the bell increasing and solidifying lower-range resonance.

Center brace resonance weights are available in various weights and finishes and include a logo engraving.

All weights are built and finished here at Meridian Winds. Custom weights can be built for saxophones with unique center braces. Send us a photo of your center brace and we can probably build weight to fit it!

“The CBRW is in my opinion an excellent product for anyone looking for a richer sound spectrum from their instrument and has become an essential in the set up of my alto. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended!”
Joe Lulloff
Professor of Saxophone, Michigan State University

“The CBRW I think is a fantastic new Saxophone accessory from Meridian Winds. Following the success of the Heavy Mass Ergonomic Neck Screws, the CBRW brings an added depth to the low register of my instrument and really centers the tone. It is truly amazing the difference the CBRW makes to my Instrument! I recommend the Ergo Neck screws and the CBRW to all of my students!”
Tim McAllister
Professor of Saxophone, University of Michigan

“This is a very interesting product! The CBRW gives me greater confidence in my instrument's lower range through a sense of enhanced stability while maintaining other qualities which I like in how my instrument sounds and feels!”
Otis Murphy
Professor of saxophone at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music 

“I feel that the added weight at this crucial connection of the instrument between the body and the bell seems to balance the tone of the instrument as I make the ascent to the lower register. I have been using the CBRW for about a month now and it has become a part of my instrument. I have no interest in returning to playing without it. Thank you for this, I always appreciate your efforts to help players.”
Donald Sinta
Professor of Saxophone Emeritus, University of Michigan

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