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Meridian Winds

Ergonomic Heavy Mass Neck Screws

Meridian Winds is the inventor and distributor of the Ergonomic Heavy Mass Saxophone Neck Screw. These screws are a hand-crafted, ergonomic alternative to the flat-sided screws that have been the status quo on saxophones for over 100 years. The heavier mass of a Meridian Winds neck screw may also provide tonal character & color for some discerning artists.

We developed these screws with ergonomics in mind. If you play saxophone, you know how much energy has been expended through the years in twisting your wrist to tighten your neck screw. The MW Neck Screw eliminates twisting the wrist, and requires only that you roll it between your thumb and index finger. In addition, some advanced players attest that the screws have influence on their tone.

We have screws to fit all models of saxophones. Selmer saxophone owners have the option to purchase a set: one with long threads for the actual neck tightening and one with short threads to act as a lyre-side balancer when additional mass is desired. They come in gold-plated, silver-plated, lacquered brass, and raw brass finishes. You also have the option to purchase screws with pearl or gemstone inlays.

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Now Available: Yamaha-Style Ergonomic Heavy Mass Neck Screws!

Meridian Winds is now using authentic Yamaha parts and adding stainless steel threads to make Yamaha-Style Ergonomic Heavy Mass Saxophone Neck Screws to fit many popular models of saxophones including Selmer, Keilwerth, Eastman, Yanagisawa, Conn, Chateau, and more. Please refer to the following list for which thread sizes fit which instruments.

Will fit: Will fit: Will fit: Will fit:
Yamaha Selmer Chateau Cannonball
Keilwerth Yanagisawa Sax Gourmet P. Mauriat
Sax Dakota Jupiter Conn  
Antigua Couesnon King  
Mac Sax   Tenor Madness TM Custom  
Selmer TS44   LA Sax  
Buffet   Theo Wanne  

Please note: MW Heavy Mass Neck Screws are not available for RS Berkely saxophones.


"I just got a Meridian Winds Ergonomic Heavy Mass Neck Screw from Saxgourmet Products by Steve Goodson. A few different companies make similar products, but I trust Steve and usually find his recommendations to be great. I'm always a little skeptical of gadgets and gimmicks, but I always give them a shot to see if they make a different and I am here to tell you THIS ONE DOES! I immediately noticed a more powerful sound and a stability throughout the entire instrument. Even my altissimo is coming out stronger and with better intonation. I recommend a Heavy Mass Neck Screw to any sax player - it does make a noticeable difference."

Daniel Wallace

"They fit well and perform beyond my expectations. The response is tremendous and the complete change in tonal characteristics of the instruments is quite significant. There is no mistaking that there is an improvement to the overall sonic output. I'm definitely a believer."

"They look beautiful and sound amazing!"

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