A great selection of Buffet’s top models are always in stock at Meridian Winds. All instruments are meticulously checked and set up for optimum performance by Eric Satterlee. Free shipping to you and/or your school with purchase of an instrument. If you reside outside of the Greater Lansing area, we will send three instruments to your school on a ten day approval for you and/or your student to select from. We will issue a UPS pickup to you and/or your school when you are ready to return approval instrument. Note that customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping whether or not an instrument is purchased.

After a period of one year, you may choose to send your instrument in for a complete checkup and service as needed at no charge. At that time you may also opt to have the upper section of your clarinet cork padded (preferred for the professional and advanced student player) for a charge of $50.00.


– Buffet Clarinet Price List –
Tosca (silver plated keys)
| Bb $7885 | A $8241 | Eb $8273 |

Divine (silver plated keys)
| Bb $8544 | A $8900 |

R13(nickel plated keys)
| Bb $3619| A $4393 |

R13 (silver plated keys)
| Bb $4092 | A $4867 | Eb $5505 |

Festival (silver plated keys)
| Bb $4746| A $5557|

Tradition  (silver plated keys)
Bb $4713 |

R13 Prestige (silver plated keys)
| Bb $6718 | A $7074 |

Limité (silver plated keys)
| Bb $2087 | A $3693 |

E11 (nickel plated keys)
|Bb CALL FOR PRICE| A $2248 | Eb $2678 | $2648

E12F (silver plated keys)
Bb $2018 |

Premium Student clarinet
Bb $660 |

Prestige Low C Bass (silver plated keys)

| Bb $12,595|

If you are looking for a Buffet product not listed, contact the shop for assistance.

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