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Aurus 7: Air Speed Trainer Now Available at Meridian Winds

The Aurus 7 creates a gap between the mouthpiece and lips when used that forces the player to engaged the abdominal muscles to produce enough air to sound a pitch and keep it in tune. By using the Aurus 7 and a tuner for 5-10 minutes a day, single reed players train themselves to always use these muscles and very fast air. Players will notice an immediate change in their tone with the increased air speed. The Aurus 7 is perfect for beginners who need to develop a precedent of using enough air and to avoid a biting embouchure, for casual players to remind themselves to always engage the abdominal muscles and relax their lips, or for professionals to solidify their air speed technique and teach their students the same.

The Aurus 7 is designed to fit any clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece. For more information, you can visit the Aurus 7 website.

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