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Brennan Lagan is Meridian Winds’s newest repair specialist. He began his apprenticeship shortly after finishing his Master of Music in Saxophone Performance  at The University of Oklahoma with Jonathon Nichol. Having a longtime interest in the mechanical workings of his chosen instrument, he was a natural choice to fill the opening of Saxophone Repair Technician. A native of Hazelton, Pennslyvania,  Brennan earned a Bachelor of Music Education and Saxophone Performance at Penn State, where studied with esteemed Professor of Saxophone David Stambler. Since beginning his apprenticeship, Brennan has already logged many hours on the bench devoted exclusively to the repair, maintenance and restoration of every make, model and type of saxophone.  Aside from his longtime interest and talent in saxophone repair, Brennan is also an accomplished artist related to the refacing of saxophone mouthpieces. In addition, Brennan teaches saxophone lessons here at Meridian Winds to all levels of players.

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