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Balmages, Brian: Dream Sonatina for Clarinet & Piano

“Dream Sonatina (2011) was commissioned by Marguerite Levin, former principal clarinet of the Baltimore Opera Orchestra and professor of clarinet at Towson University in Baltimore, MD. Marguerite asked me to reflect on recent experiences encompassing my 30s. Easily, those experiences are wrapped around my two children, who were both born in this same decade. The piece, written in three movements, captures some of the unique moments of early childhood. The first movement, Daydream, portrays a sleepy, yet active little one trying to interact with the new world around him. The second movement, Sweet Dreams, captures the peace and tranquility of two little boys sleeping in their beds after a fun and crazy day. The final movement, Bad Dreams, is a more aggressive movement that paints a picture of the occasional night terror that children sometimes experience. While it is sinister in nature, it also strikes a balance with a lighter playful quality as these dreams are never truly threatening.”


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